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ART-Quant Antibody Quantifier Upload a photo of your antibody test result to measure how well you are protected from COVID-19
Do you know how well you are protected from COVID-19?
Being vaccinated doesn't necessarily mean you have sufficient antibody to fight against COVID-19. Even after taking two doses of vaccine, some people may not produce enough antibodies. IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.
The world’s only Antibody Rapid Test Quantifier
Vector312:1 Real-time Antibody Report
Vector312:1 Monitor changes in your antibody level
Vector312:1 Precise measurement powered by machine learning and big data
With ART-Quant,
you can better prepare yourself against COVID-19
Check if you are protected from COVID-19 variants, including Omicron, Delta, Alpha and more Monitor your antibody level and be alerted to when your antibody level is low and booster doses may be needed Track post-vaccination increases in antibody levels to see how your immune system reacted to the vaccine
Start By Understanding Viral Load US. President Joe Biden under antiviral medicine care suffers from ‘rebound’ case
viralloaddifferences5312:1 Normal recovery Irregular Recovery
JoeBidenPNGImage1316:1 July 21 2022 Biden tests positive for COVID-19 Line1316:1
bidenreboundremovebgpreview1313:1 July 27 2022 Biden celebrates recovery from COVID-19 Line2316:1
July 31 2022 Biden tests postive again in ‘rebound’ case IMAGE17bf30364b56ee3aab04c2c918d096ec86442ea7ac8e4316:1 Line3316:1
image Each person will have an unique journey to recovery from COVID-19.
Even with world class medical treatment, rebound cases may occur.
Prevention is better than cure 1 in 8 adults experience Long COVID post-infection

Do you know?

The COVID virus can hide in your body and may not be cleared for months after an infection.

Current evidence supports the view that Long COVID is common and can persist for at least 2 years after SARS-CoV-2 infection.
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