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The ART-Quant antigen rapid testing quantitative system can digitise the condition of patients infected with COVID-19, and at the same time we use an artificial intelligent system for analysis to determine the infection, antigen index, and provide a detailed professional report, which reflects the infection degree of the virus, from the level of the viral load. Together with the analysis and suggestions from experts, you can understand and clearly know your condition, which helps to speed up your recovery rate by developing coping strategies accordingly.
“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” ― Albert Einstein
With ART-Quant, you will be empowered with knowledge to understand what you’re going through as a positive COVID-19 individual. You will never be alone, worried, or confused anymore!
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Philip K.H. Wong Foundation

The Philip K.H. Wong Foundation has spared no effort to subsidize the full cost of using the ART-Quant service (including the use of all the brands of antigen rapid testing kit on the market), for all citizens in Hong Kong in the spirit of giving returns and serving the society. Local HK citizens can choose to be benefited from this funding scheme or self-pay option.

Sunlight Eco-tech Limited

Sunlight Eco-tech Limited is an official partner with DNA-Tech Limited. The service charge will be free for all Sunlight Jinwofu ART kit users (distributed by Sunlight Eco-tech Limited). You are eligible for this programme as long as there is a HKBIO logo printed on the package of the Sunlight Jinwofu testing kit that you have purchased, followed by entering the correct security code (it can be found in the product package).

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How long will "long-term symptoms of COVID" last?
It is estimated that the number of people infected with long-term symptoms of COVID is 10% to as high as 50% of all reported cases!
This means that tens of millions of people are still struggling to combat lingering effects.

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We source high-end anti pandemic products from all around the globe. All recommended products and services are strictly approved/controlled. They are also quality assured and guaranteed for safe use.

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Road to Recovery

"Even though I majored in Biochemistry and have a certain amount of knowledge in the field of biotechnology, when I found out that I and my family were tested positive for COVID-19 , my mood was inevitably and negatively affected, such as feeling helpless, worried, and panicking. But I knew that no matter how much I wanted to comfort and accompany my family members, safety and precautionary measures should always be taken into account, e.g. always be wearing a mask when near others. In order to relieve our stress and worries, I chose the ART-Quant System as it helped us to understand, track and monitor our conditions (infection severity), anytime and anywhere, so as to make appropriate coping strategies accordingly. I sincerely thank the emergence of ART-Quant, which appeared like the dawn after the dark night and led us to the light. I hope that such an advanced biotechnology platform can be launched as soon as possible and is able to benefit the general public without any regional restrictions."

Ref.: COVID-19 Infected & Recovered Patient - Mr. Hung

Chairman of Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization Prof. Albert Cheung-Hoi YU (middle, front row), Representative of Philip K.H. Wong Foundation Dr. Kennedy Y H Wong (left, front row), and Sunlight Eco-tech Limited patron Mr. S H Mak (right, front row) and researching team (back row).

Know your COVID-19 positive condition in 20 seconds using AI

Chairman of the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization Professor Albert Cheung-Hoi YU instructed the team to use AI technology to create an online platform. Patients upload 3 photos (improved to 1 now) of the same ART result, and the severity of their infections can be determined in 20 seconds, which helps to decide whether to seek medical treatment or be admitted to the hospital, as well as to make good use of medical resources. Patients who are negative in the early stage of the disease can also turn to traditional Chinese medicine and self-isolate. Earlier, when Chairman Professor Albert Cheung-Hoi YU and his team were interviewed by Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, the reporter immediately conducted an actual test and uploaded a series of 6-day ART result photos of a patient diagnosed on the 13th of March, after submitting their personal information such as infection time and symptoms, our AI system could immediately analyze the data.

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